Meet our new team member

World, meet the newest part of the The Traveling Unicorn team...The Traveling Unicorn. She was born on July 18, 2015 and because she is a magical creature, she has already acquired passions, interests and thorough knowledge of her interests from the past and current just 2 days! It was love at first sight when the team spotted her are Toys R' Us.

Her favorite book series is of course Harry Potter (its a world where she feels at home because thats where she actually exists, and can't help but root for Harry on his brave journey). The Traveling Unicorn  is obsessed with soccer and loves to root for her USA team! In her eyes, Carly Lloyd is bae. The Traveling Unicorn still has baby unicorn dreams about Carly's 3rd goal against Japan in the World Cup final.  

The Orlando Citrus Bowl

The Orlando Citrus Bowl

She loves purple and rainbows #allrainboweverything. You can find The Traveling Unicorn all over Orlando taking pictures! She believes her magic is powerful enough to spread love and kindness in our realm. This little unicorn would love to see all humans coming together for the greater good. Whenever she has inspired someone, her unicorn horn lights up in many different colors.  

She LOVES the Orlando City Lions.The Traveling Unicorn was fortunate enough to gain special access passes to the game. She was so happy when she took selfies with the players. The blog post of last Saturday's game will be up on Friday. The Blog will cover her journey throughout the game with plenty of pictures and of course, her selfies with her favorite players! There is nothing quite like seeing images of professional athletes posing with a cute plush unicorn.