Special Needs Update

The Special Needs School in Tarapoto, Peru is lacking many amenities. One of those missing amenities is transportation.  Let us take you back to the early 90s to learn the story of the famous Dutch man as told by Gilda Reategui, a former teacher of the school (and also Maria's mother). 

Circa 1990: Gilda Reategui, who was pregnant with Maria at the time, recalls a man from the Netherlands coming to the school to donate anything he could. He would consistently show up with presents for the kids or materials for the teachers to use. Gilda says, that to them, this Dutch man was like an angel. The sheer excitement that they experienced was unparalleled. Even if the Dutch man showed up with tiny trinkets for presents, the excitement and appreciation for him was unreal. His biggest contribution was the donation of a mini van. The school finally had its own means of transportation!

The Dutch man died many moons ago and there has been little to almost no help since.

Present day: This mini van is still the school's only means of official transportation, and it is currently broken down. Which means many of the kids who don't have any means of transportation are not going to school. The school cannot afford to repair their van because the cost exceeds their annual budget of $620. The cost to fix the van is $1,395. 

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