Orlando City Soccer

The Traveling Unicorn has experienced her first Orlando City Soccer game! Check out her journey from her first shuttle ride to chanting on the stands and finally meeting her favorite players.


Riding the Shuttle to the Citrus Bowl. The excitement from the fans is already blowing her little unicorn mind!


Check out that pose. The Unicorn pride is real. Her purple hair is no coincidence. 


Bumping to some Unicorn beats. This DJ knows whatsup! 


LOVED the opening. Unicorn approved!


The Traveling Unicorn was feeling a little full of herself as she donned the coveted access pass. We all agreed she was being a little obnoxious. 

A good' ole pic with her good buddy and a great player, Darwin Ceren.  

Ramos was so starstruck to meet the Traveling Unicorn that he began to sweat. She was one flattered mythical creature. 

The Traveling Unicorn's hero for Special Needs himself, Pedro Ribeiro. We admire your humanitarian work involving special needs and using your team's platform to raise awareness. Mad. Unicorn. Respect!

Oh no! Her horn lit up on accident. She hoped Eric Avila wouldn't notice. 

He noticed, ugh so embarrassing! 

Beer, Check. Unicorn, check. Collin and the Traveling Unicorn immediately bonding after shortly meeting. The Unicorn vibes were good.

Collin: "What kind of Charity is this?"

The Traveling Unicorn: *explains special needs school project in Peru

Collin: "Good, good. That's great! That's what I like to hear" 

The Traveling Unicorn: *swoon

"TALLYYYYYY, TALLYYY HAAALLL!!" The chant that will haunt us in our unicorn minds, and we don't mind! Great guy.

"Oh man, my daughter is going to love this"- Tally Hall

With soccer legend and Unicorn God himself, Ricardo Kaka.