The Next Big Thing and Why You Should Make It Part of Your Brand Now



You have noticed the countless social media posts regarding social issues.

Issues such as race, gender norms, diseases, unity ect. The very idea of simply being kind, generous and an all around honest human floods the social media realm.

You have seen thousands of random acts of kindness go VIRAL!

Thanks to the internet, we as global citizens of Earth are no longer subjects to what corporations choose to show us

We can easily share our opinions and what we value thanks to the internet, we can expose and share any wrongful doing, to an extent that can make or break even the most powerful entity.

We as a human population are becoming aware, we as a human population are more informed than ever before.

This awareness, this connectedness is growing, growing so fast that it WILL change how business is and will be conducted forever…

More and more millennials are becoming advocates for social change by voting with their dollars.

Fun Fact: Millennials are the largest generation in human history....They are in the cusp of controlling the world and a majority of its capital.

Millennials are the disrupters, the game-changers... they will change the world and how the world conducts business as we know it.

A new wave of capitalism is about to rise.

Conscious capitalism.


Because Millennials WANT to see a positive change in the world...we have grown up with instant access to the world’s information and its loud opinion at the palm of their hands...literally.

The internet has allowed us to be more than just connected, it has allowed us to be intimate.

And this real time intimacy constantly inspires this generation to take matters into their own hands and change the world for the better.

And how will they change the world? Through business.

Thinks about this, where do you think top-talent will gravitate towards?...To work in a place just to make money? OR to work in a place where they make money AND are contributing in making the world a better place?

Humans are essentially social. We need to be part of something bigger than ourselves in order to truly self-actualize.

Work is life and we want life to be meaningful.

Where do you think people will spend their money?...Purchasing a product for the benefit it provides? OR purchasing a product for the benefit it provides AND its purchase contributing to making a world a better place?

The “Why” is everything.

People NEED a sense of purpose to feel complete. A sense of community.

To belong.To grow. To contribute. To be connected. To be empowered.

What are the things that people are willing to spend the most on?

Things that are meaningful, emotional and enlightening.

Thanks to technology, innovations and ideas move much faster than we can ever keep up with.

The “Why should I work and/or buy from you? What are you doing to make the world a better place?” demand will only continue to rise as more and more Millennials set their foot in the market (Which is ABOUT to explode).

It has already begun and it’s making waves.

We are working in a time of great disruption. It’s coming.

The world is changing wether you and your business are ready or not. So you can can decide now to be ahead of the curve and come out on top, or stick to your old ways and sink.

Think how much more productive your staff will be knowing that they are helping make the world a better place.

Think how much more passionate, driven and fulfilled you will become knowing that along with making profits, you are making the world a better place.

Every business wants to get ahead of the next big thing. This is it.

Welcome to the new era of business.

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