The 24 year old CEO who is killing the game!

Nick is the CEO of N&A Commercial Cleaning Company, president of the West Orlando Rotary Club,  board member of the Traveling Unicorn, an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, blah blah blah. The point is, he is extremely accomplished for being 24 and we are all jealous (but happy and inspired by him at the same time). Nick is killing the game with his peers being twice his age. When he was named CEO in 2012, he was 21, the company took a bold move and stepped away form a larger corporation's umbrella and went solo. Naturally, revenue suffered dramatically making 2013 a very rough year. But such a bold move paid off, with an astronomical revenue increase of 47% in the last two years, and with numbers still on the rise... Millennial entrepreneurs for the win!

Being a young leader in a world full of, um… older folks, was not without its challenges and criticism. For instance, when Nick was named President of the West Orlando Rotary Club, many ‘boomers’ had a fit! There was a lot of smack said and major shade thrown his way.  There was even an instance when a member withdrew his membership because “he did not want to work under some kid.” The hate was real! Two years later, the ‘boomers’ have nothing but praise for Nick. He has turned the club around and made it what it is today.


TU: What is it like working with people a lot older than you, their children and you share the same age?

NM: To me, it is a very natural thing to socialize and network with older folks because my dad took me to networking events since I was 16. My social etiquette and business mindset has been molded by such interactions.

Here is the thing, I see business through their eyes, my own and through the eyes of my generation and I think it gives me a unique perspective of business itself.  Plus, I believe that growing up playing basketball has greatly shaped my leadership skills.


TU: What was your motivation for joining the Traveling Unicorn?

NM: I think it is a great model for everyone- to unite for a cause that is for the greater good. To me, that is what the Traveling Unicorn exemplifies- combining old people and young people of diverse backgrounds to come together for the greater good, for humanity.


TU: Why do you believe in the Traveling Unicorn?

NM: I believe in the Traveling Unicorn because it combines working alongside your friends to do something you love and changing the world. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?

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