3 Reasons Why Rotarians Can Win Over the Biggest Emerging Consumer Market in Human History: The Millennials

You, as a Rotarian, have heard a lot about these young 'whipper-snappers,' AKA Millennials.

You have read about them in articles, you have heard countless speeches at the club from an officer telling you that you NEED to recruit these 'youngins' and to have them become active members in your club. 

The pressure to recruit the young crowd is real!

You feel somewhat at a loss. How do you engage and entice a generation that seems so foreign from all of the generations before them? 

Rotary is telling you that you need the youth and that you need them ASAP!

Rotary is right.

You need them.. and here is why.

The first reason is a no brainer (hint: its in the title)

Millennials are the biggest emerging consumers in human history. They are the LARGEST( as in numbers) generation that the world has ever seen

Millennials will spend $200 billion annually by 2017….and $10 trillion in their lifetime... in the U.S. alone. 


This generation is literally about to control the world's biggest chunk of money.

How does this affect Rotary and your business? 

How does it not?

Now you may be asking yourself? "How do I engage them as members and and customers?"


For one, look at their spending habits.

Millennials vote with their dollars. More than 50% of Millennials make an effort to buy form companies that support a cause they care about (thank you forbes). 

What does that mean for your business? It means you better integrate a charitable cause or address a social issue in your business model ASAP!

This generation is more aware of the world around them and all of its social issues and conflicts then previous generations because they have never known the world without the internet. They have grown up with a mobile phone that is smart and being constantly connected through social media, a place where social issues, conflicts and opinions have flooded their brains in real time. 

They are conscious and care about the world becoming a more unified and empowering place, while also protecting mother Earth.

They actually really care (thanks technology).

Secondly, it is typical of Millennials to aspire be their own boss. To become business leaders. They have grown up with role models such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

Role models that have had the cojones to take on the exciting adventure to follow their passion and make an impact on this planet (ooh, just writing that sentence made me feel some type of way).

Becoming your own boss and building a business has become easier and it will continue to become easier with thanks to...you guessed, technology (Can you tell how much I LOVE technology?).

And thirdly, we ALL know how much the Millennial generation values traveling the world. My GOD. If you don't know, now you now.

Ask any Millennial why he/she wants to be rich and I promise they will ALL include the "traveling the world" bit. 

Let's recap shall we:

  • They deeply care about the social issues in the world, and use their dollars to make it known
  • They aspire to be their own boss and become business leaders
  • They long to travel and experience the world

This is FANTASTIC news for Rotary


Rotary: BUSINESS LEADERS coming together to solve problems and SOCIAL ISSUES in the community and around the WORLD.


C'mon Rotarians your organization is responsible for eradicating Polio from the planet for crying out loud!!!!

That is one of the coolest most bad-a** thing I have ever hear of in my life! (I'm a millennial, and I'm pretty sure my fellow peers would agree). 

But, if the Millennial generation and Rotary are so perfect for each other, why aren't they kicking butt and changing the world already?

An obvious factor is the age gap...and its a pretty significant gap. 

Rotarians have dismissed Millennials in the past based on their overwhelming youth (Most of us were literally teenagers in 2006).

And to this young generation, Rotary has always been a club their grandpa/dad were part of and had zero interest in their dwellings. Not to mention...a large majority of Millennials have no idea what Rotary is and that such an organization even exists. 

But...What if I told you there is a way to bridge this gap?

What if I told you that there is a way to attract these Millennials to Rotary?

What if it told you that it involved a Unicorn...

The Traveling Unicorn, can bridge this age gap. But how?

The Traveling Unicorn is an organization that is FOUNDED and LED by MILLENNIALS to provide AID to people in NEED around the WORLD.

And guess what Rotarians:

The Founding Members of the Traveling Unicorn (yep, Millennials) are also new members of the West Orlando Rotary Club.

The Unicorns have partnered up with West Orlando (represent!!) on their first project: to provide aid to a special-needs school in Peru! 

Are you asking yourself "Will this work? Will this attract younger members?"

Ask your Millennial kid, "Hey Johnny, does traveling the world to help others in need sound like something that would you would be interested in?"


There are companies making sooo much profit from Millennials forking over THOUSANDS of dollars to do just that!!!!!

The Traveling Unicorn + Rotary = a match made in "business-leaders-trying-to-change-the-world" heaven!




Business leaders (new aaand not-so-new)... check!

The Traveling Unicorn attracts the eyes of the emerging young blooded business leaders (along with their massive social media presence) and Rotary provides the experience and resources to make major impact.

Everyone wins. WINS BIG!

You may be asking? "How do I get the Traveling Unicorn to become involved with my club?"


Just contact Nick Maharaj, the current president of the West Orlando Rotary Club...If you are a Rotarian, I'm 98% sure you know him (the 6'3 jolly, bearded guy that loves Superman)

Nick's email is nick@nacommercial.com (or call him because you or someone you know has his number...he is a popular guy in the Rotarian realm)

Or me, Maria Saavedra at msaav25@gmail.com (I'm determined to be just as, if not more, popular than Nick)

P.S There is limited time for your club to become involved with the Traveling Unicorn's first project. Deadline is in April!

P.P.S Are you curious about the Traveling Unicorn? Cure that itch by visiting thetravelingunicorn.org 


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